Spice Market | Signature South East Asian Cuisine by Jean-Georges in Doha  
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Soup - Choose one

Chicken Noodle Soup, Avocado and Scallion 

Sweet and Sour Soup 

Thai Basil 

Salad - Choose one

Roasted Beetroot Salad, Labneh and Lemongrass Honey 

Charred Long Beans 

Mango Salad, Charred Long Greens Candy Tamarind 

Appetizers - Choose one

Chicken Satay, Spiced Peanut Sauce 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Lettuce, Herbs and Nuoc Cham 

Steamed Edamame, Yuzu Butter 

Entrees - Choose one

Lamb Shank in Green Curry with Charred Vegetables 

Kingfish with Malaysian Chili Sauce Thai Basil 

Vegetable Pad Thai 

Dessert - Choose one

Ovaltine® Kulfi 

Caramelized Banana, Spiced Milk Chocolate Sauce

Kaffir Lime Cheesecake 

Ice Cream 

Condensed Milk, Dark Chocolate Chili, Ginger


Coconut, Mango, Strawberry Yuzu